Court Room Dramas on Netflix

Netflix sometimes receives a bad rap for peddling sub-par films with little to no entertainment value—objection! Some of the finest […]

Illustrious John Hopkins University Perpetrates Non-Consensual Human Experimentation

The United States government and John Hopkins University teamed up to commit some of the most heinous crimes against humanity […]

Future Lawyers, Hark! Pre-Law Advice

Often, young ambitious students flock to the career of law post-graduation. Some even claim that they have always wanted to […]

English-Only Rules Explained

This blog will primarily benefit the employer. For those unfamiliar with the concept, English-only rules require employees to speak only […]

Ellen Pao Loses Huge Gender Discrimination Case

In 2012, Ellen Pao filed a $16 million dollar law suit against one of the largest venture capital firms in […]

Firing for “Health Reasons” Can be Interpreted as Disability Bias

This blog is for employers and employees alike. As an impartial blogger it’s my duty to disperse useful information in […]

Tanzania Lagging Far Behind in Women’s Rights Policies

In Tanzania it is illegal for women to own or operate a motor vehicle. Moreover, any woman caught operating a […]

Class Action Lawsuit Strikes Down Hair Loss Treatment that Leads to Impotence

For a man, going bald can be a difficult time. Men often become desperate amidst the confusion of aging. Some […]

Why Law School is Still a Safe Bet

Why Law School is Still a Safe Bet
The idea that Law school no longer makes sense has been thrown around […]

Landmark Atkins Related Case Scheduled for Supreme Court Hearing

Landmark Atkins Related Case Scheduled for Supreme Court Hearing
The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments for Brumfield v Cain, which […]