2 Excellent Legal Movies

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A Quick Guide to Courtroom Terminology (Part Two)

A Quick Guide to Courtroom Terminology (Part Two)
Welcome back to part two of our series on courtroom terminology. There are […]

A Quick Guide to Courtroom Terminology (Part One)

A Quick Guide to Courtroom Terminology (Part One)
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Van Norman Law’s Post Accident Guide

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Teen Driver Safety

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3 Common Mistakes People Make Following an Accident

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3 Major Driving Hazards

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Car Insurance Terminology (Part Three)

Car Insurance Terminology: Part Three
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Car Insurance Terminology (Part Two)

In our previous post, we covered a few of the most important terms in the car insurance world. When it […]

Car Insurance Terminology (Part One)

Car Insurance Terminology (Part One)
As an owner and operator of a motor vehicle, you are required by law to carry […]