All About Opportunity4Kids

Here at Van Norman Law, we have always focused on representing our clients in court for a number of reasons. […]

27 Amendments Explained (Part 4)

Hey there! We hope that you’ve been reading along to our four part blog series covering all of the 27 […]

27 Amendments Explained (Part 3)

Learning a lot about the constitutional amendments and gaining a better insight to American history? We hope you are! And […]

27 Amendments Explained (Part 1)

27 Amendments Explained (Part 1)
The United States has a very long, intricate legal history. After the Constitution was created, there […]

Law is based on many different things. In fact, even Giorgio Agamben believed that because humans have a capacity for […]

Iconic American Crimes (Part 2)

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Iconic American Crimes (Part 1)

Crime. It’s all around us and it’s happening even as you’re reading this. While some crimes don’t make the headlines, […]

Understanding Manslaughter

Someone is always committing a crime somewhere. That we know for sure. After all, you see someone committing a crime […]