Welcome back to our two part series on how you can drive safer in the dark. We covered three of the simplest ways that you can take the initiative to be a better, smarter, and safer driver. We have even more great advice for you in this blog, and hope that you really pay attention! Not only do these small things have the ability to help you have a safer drive, but can also help to save the lives of you, your friends, and your family.

  1. Dim your dashboard lights: Once you turn your headlights on, you’ll notice that your dashboard will automatically dim down. However, sometimes your car won’t be able to dim down to a low enough level to where you can clearly see the road in front of you. Luckily, all cars have a knob or button that will dim or brighten the lights on your dashboard to a level you feel most comfortable driving with. Take a moment to find the knob or button and adjust the dashboard lights to a level that lets you see all of the features on your dashboard, while not posing as a block to seeing the road ahead.
  2. Remember to take your sunglasses off: Sometimes, we can be driving in a sunset with our sunglasses on and completely forget to take them off in some instances. Always remember if you’re wearing sunglasses on a drive, and always be sure to take them off once the sun hasn’t impaired your ability to see the road or other cars.
  3. Don’t look at oncoming traffic: If you’re driving on a two way street, you might have a tendency to look at oncoming vehicles. And when it’s dark outside, you might find that looking at these lights can not only hurt your eyes, but make the road seem blurry. This can even be worse when other drivers have newer, or more intense headlights, such as LED headlights. While you can’t avoid these people on the road, you can help yourself by averting your eyes away from the oncoming traffic, and focusing on the road right ahead of you.

These are just a few of the ways you can drive safer at night, and we hope that you take these tips to heart the next time you hit the road!