Arizona Criminal DUI Defense Lawyer

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A DUI Lawyer Arizona Residents Can Trust

Perhaps nothing in life is more troubling than being involved in a DUI event that can result in costly fines and even the loss of one’s license. However, there are focused Phoenix personal injury attorneys and DUI attorneys in Arizona that can help those that have been accused of driving under the influence. From driving impaired to driving under the influence, there are many intricacies involved with dealing with a DUI case. Working with the right law firm in Phoenix can make all the difference in this regard.

Transparency And Professionalism

One Arizona DUI attorney that has helped countless clients over the decades when it comes to DUI charges is the Van Norman Law Firm. Also an Arizona criminal defense lawyer, the Van Norman Law Firm has a broad range of legal representation experience that has stood the test of time. Having defended a wide range of criminal cases throughout Arizona, the firm has built its reputation around principles such as honesty, trust, transparency and professionalism. Thinking outside the box for clients and providing dedicated, focused and prompt legal representation is what the firm has become known for over the years.

Boating Related Cases

Finding a DUI lawyer in Arizona can sometimes be a challenge for those that are facing unexpected charges with regard to driving under the influence. Contacting the Van Norman Law Firm helps clients enjoy more peace of mind during a challenging time in life. The firm also works on a wide array of other personal injury cases and criminal cases throughout the state. This includes everything from motorcycle accident cases to pedestrian accident cases and boating related cases. In addition, the firm also handles product liability related cases and trucking accident cases. From wrongful death to premises liability and even criminal damage, the Van Norman Law Firm can help.

Detailed And Dedicated

Focusing entirely on criminal defense cases and personal injury cases, the firm maintains a narrow scope of legal representation to ensure that clients receive detailed and dedicated assistance. While there are many DUI attorneys in Arizona, the Van Norman Law Firm has earned its reputation one client at a time and has enjoyed a large amount of referral and word-of-mouth business over the years. This is testimony in itself to the firm’s commitment to its clients. Contact Van Norman Law Firm today for dedicated Phoenix DUI legal representation.