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Your Human Rights (Part 1)


No matter where you live, it is always important that you know your rights if you ever find yourself in […]

Revenge Porn 101

Revenge Porn 101
With technology serving as our go-to when it comes to communication and information, many people around the world […]

DUI from Legal Medications

Take the Proper Precautions
If you think that the only reason people get DUI’s is from drinking alcohol and driving… think […]

Does an Officer Always Need a Warrant to Search Your Car?

What Permits a Search Without a Warrant?
Getting pulled over by the police can be an anxiety-inducing situation. When you are […]

Divorce Stats and Information

Facts About Divorce in the US
Once you hit the age of 25, you’ll quickly learn that things begin to change. […]

Tips for Law Students

To make your way into any industry these days you’ll more than likely need a degree. Not only that but […]

The Relationship Between Law, Philosophy and Morality

The Relationship Between Law, Philosophy and Morality
When people think about the words “law” or “legal,” they usually have cold connotations […]

5 Most Common Crimes in the US

5 Most Common (Popular) Crimes in the U.S.
Crimes are committed every single day, but we never hear about the vast […]

New Bill Regarding Firearms Being Debated

When it comes to the laws regarding firearms, the laws are created and executed according to each state. While these […]

What was SB 1142?

What was SB 1142?
If you read the local news online or in actual hard form, one of the most highlighted […]