Being a dog owner comes with many responsibilities including ensuring that a dog never bites or attacks another individual. That said there are some simple tips and strategies that dog owners can implement as a way to greatly reduce the chances of a dog bite or dog attack. For example, always keeping a dog on a leash is one easy way to prevent an unexpected accident.

Current With Its Rabies Shots

Always having a dog on a leash is an important safety measure that should never be overlooked. In addition, when your dog is running in the yard it is important to ensure that the area is fenced in completely. Whether it is an electronic fence or physical fence, keeping a dog in an enclosure will protect others and help to ensure that a dog bite of dog attack never happens. Equally important is to ensure that your dog is current with its rabies shots and that a copy of the rabies certificate is always available.

Bite Simply Out Of Fear

Another aspect of preventing dog attacks and dog bites is to always work to socialize your dog as much as possible. Dogs that lack proper socialization may be more likely to attack or bite. This is especially true with regard to a dog that lacks socialization and is then approached by a stranger. In fact, there are many instances where dogs bite simply out of fear. Another excellent way of preventing accidents with regard to dog bites and dog attacks is to train a dog and teach the animal proper responses to commands.

Exercise Extreme Caution

Dogs that are well trained and well behaved are far less likely to attack or bite. Dog owners should exercise extreme caution when it comes to introducing a dog to a new or unfamiliar situation. Dogs are like other creatures and can experience anxiety and apprehension when in a new environment. Plan accordingly and understand that dogs may become more aggressive when they are uneasy or anxious. As an added note, dog owners should exercise extreme caution and added vigilance when allowing a dog to play around children. While most dogs are safe around children, there is always the possibility of the unexpected. Contact The Van Norman Law Firm for Phoenix personal injury representation if you have been injured.