Arizona DUI Attorneys

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Arizona DUI Lawyers That Make A Difference

DUI is a serious situation that requires the dedication and focus of an experienced and professional law firm in Phoenix. While the residents of Arizona have many choices when it comes to Arizona DUI lawyers, one firm in particular has stood the test of time when it comes to providing personalized and focused attention for clients. The Van Norman Law Firm is one of the most respected and trusted names in Arizona legal representation when it comes to an array of personal injury claims. Few other Arizona DUI lawyers offer the level of dedication that the firm offers.

Embracing The Healing Process

With free initial consultations and focused legal representation, the Van Norman Law Firm is dedicated to ensuring that clients are able to focus on things that are truly important in life. This includes taking care of family and embracing the healing process as a way to recover from injuries due to the negligence of another individual. The firm offers representation for a wide range of legal situations including everything from DUI to personal injury and criminal defense. This helps clients in knowing that they are working with a diverse law group that strives to provide clients with the personalized service that they expect.

Dedication And Focus

From animal bite accidents to bicycle accidents and pedestrian accidents as well as medical malpractice and motorcycle accidents, Van Norman Law Firm is always standing by and ready to assist. Other common cases that are routinely handled by the firm include wrongful death cases, truck accident cases, product liability cases, drug offense cases, criminal damage cases, white-collar crime related cases and even workplace harassment cases. Having worked on many DUI cases in the past, the firm has the dedication and focus the client’s expect during a trying time.

Growing Concern

Having represented personal injury victims and those who been injured through no fault of their own since the early 1990s, the Van Norman Law Firm is a Phoenix personal injury lawyer that has a proven track record. Conveniently located in beautiful Scottsdale Arizona, the firm has assisted clients across the state of Arizona for years. With DUI stops becoming a growing concern across the state and throughout the country, having the peace of mind and confidence to know that there is a professional personal injury attorney standing by is comforting. Contact Van Norman Law Firm today for DUI legal representation in Arizona.