The United States government and John Hopkins University teamed up to commit some of the most heinous crimes against humanity to date. During the 1940’s and 1950’s, the government duped natives of Guatemala into participating in a large case study on STD’s. These unsuspecting test subjects were informed that they were undergoing “routine medical tests” and given medication purported to treat their alleged ailments. But what they thought was medication, was in fact, a pill created to induce Syphilis or Gonorrhea.

This did not come to light until 2010. President Obama immediately apologized to Guatemala’s president for heinous acts, but really, what’s an apology relative to non-consensual human experimentation? Infecting vulnerable people from a vulnerable country with venereal diseases is a line one might deem un-crossable. But unfortunately, this is not the case.

So, 774 former research subjects will be seeking $1 billion in a class-action lawsuit against the United States. Hopefully, the victims recover every penny of it. It would also be nice to witness the ivory tower of John Hopkins crumble to the ground. However, this is highly unlikely. Even if John Hopkins is forced to pay the full settlement amount, one of its wealthy alumni will bail it out with a generous donation.

The experiments were targeted at children, injured soldiers, and psyche ward patients. One would think that humanity had already plummeted into its lowest moral valleys, but this is perhaps the most disturbing infringement on morality. Hopefully, America’s ardent efforts to promote human rights will help counteract this recent unveiling of moral calamity. We would like to believe the experiments in Guatemala were the unauthorized efforts of a few monstrous individuals and not the will of the American people or the will of America’s ruling elite.