New Arizona Laws (August 2016)

Just recently, Arizona governor Doug Ducey signed 374 of the 388 bills passed by the state legislature into law. Here at Van Norman Law, we know that it is important to be aware of the changes that have come along with these laws. This is why we have decided to inform you of some of the more pressing laws that might affect you or your business:

  • SB 1381: If you consider yourself somewhat of a wine connoisseur, this new law is only filled with good news. For those who want wine shipped to their homes, you now have the freedom to do so. Prior to this law, only wine from small, boutique vineyards had the privilege to ship wine to homes and businesses. So feel free to order as much wine as you want from some of your favorite wineries, as long as that particular winery holds a direct-shipping license from the state’s liquor department.
  • HB 2341: Believe it or not, but up until now, those potlucks you’ve been holding for special events have actually been illegal – but don’t fret, we don’t think you’re a criminal! The passing of this bill means that all Arizona citizens have the freedom to hold potlucks wherever and whenever they want. The previous law was in place as a health concern, and only office parties were exempt from the AZ Department of Health Service’s inspections.
  • HB 2518: Following the theme of food related laws, HB 2518 now allows for students to consume the fruits and vegetables grown in school-gardens without state imposed regulation. If you’re concerned about this law, it’s completely up to you to decide whether or not you’ll let your children eat school-grown goods.
  • SB 1350: If you’re thinking about hopping on the Airbnb or VRBO train, you’re in luck! This new law prevents cities and counties from banning short-term rentals. It also benefits the rental companies, as they can continue to collect Arizona lodging taxes while keeping these properties classified as “residential.”
  • SB 1382: Addressing those who have service animals, this law states that service animals who are seemingly out of control or not properly house-trained can be excluded from a public place. Unfortunately, this could lead to discrimination against people who use service animals on a regular basis, as well as the animal itself.

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