Tips to Deal with Stress in Law School

Dealing with Law School Stress
Law school. What a wild, stressful, and rewarding time in someone’s life. And while you might […]

Sandra Day O’Connor’s History

A Brief History of Sandra Day O’Connor
Sandra Day O’Connor has been a staple in this country for many, many years. […]

History Behind the Legal Drinking Age

How old are you? Okay, just kidding! We will not ask you that. But depending on when you were born […]

Understanding Embezzlement

What is Embezzlement?
White collar crime is extraordinarily widespread and happens more often than you would think. In fact, it happens […]

CDL Drivers and DUI Laws (Part 2)

Penalties for Commercial Driver’s License Holders
Welcome back to our two-part series covering what the penalties are for CDL (commercial driver’s […]

CDL Drivers and DUI Laws (Part 1)

While the legal drinking limit for operating a non-commercial vehicle is, and has been for the longest time, 0.08 BAC, […]

Medical Marijuana now legal on college campuses

Even though medical marijuana has been legal in Arizona for the last seven years, it has not been such an […]

Interesting New DUI laws in Ohio

No matter where you are living in the United States, one thing is guaranteed; that there is a drunk driving […]

Rule of Law vs. Rule by Law
In a perfect world, everyone would follow and abide by the laws in this […]

The 2 Views of the Constitution

A tale as old as time itself. The argument that shapes the Supreme Court and our everyday lives. How do […]