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The state of Arizona is notoriously tough on crime and Phoenix prosecutors are no exception. Arizona imposes some of the harshest, longest sentences in any state in the country for all variety of crimes. William Johnson of Maricopa County learned the hard way just how tough Arizona sentencing laws can be. In 2009, he was charged with felony shoplifting for his theft of a $3 dollar wine bottle. At trial, William Johnson faced up to 10 years imprisonment. To avoid this massive possible sentence, Johnson agreed to plead guilty in exchange for a three year sentence. In many other states, Johnson would have received a far lesser sentence and likely probation.

Phoenix teacher Milton Berger is also serving a lengthy prison term for his crime of possession of child pornography. Berger was convicted of 20 counts of possession of child pornography and sentenced to 10 years per count, which is the mandatory minimum in Arizona. Due to Arizona’s consecutive sentencing rule, Berger was sentenced to a total of 200 years in prison. Berger will now likely die in prison and tax payers will spend more than half a million to keep him in prison. It is very likely Berger would have received a far lesser sentence if he committed his crimes in another state.

You Need a Skilled Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorney for this Tough on Crime State

If you or a loved one have been charged with commission of a crime in Phoenix, or the surrounding area, it is absolutely essential that you hire a tough, knowledgeable Phoenix criminal defense attorney. Your liberty and future depend upon the knowledge and skill of your Phoenix criminal defense attorney. An experienced defense attorney will be able to challenge crucial issues such as the legality of your arrest or any search which was conducted, the accuracy of the Breathalyzer used in your DUI case, or the quantity of the drugs for which you have been accused of possessing or distributing. Successful challenges on issues such as these can mean the difference between years of prison time and an acquittal.

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The Van Norman Law Firm has been successfully defending those accused of all varieties of crimes in the city of Phoenix and the surrounding area for nearly 10 years. From their convenient Scottsdale based office, the criminal defense lawyers at The Van Norman Law Firm have vast experience handling cases from simple DUI’s and theft charges to complex white collar crimes and even homicides. The attorneys at The Van Norman Law Firm will zealously fight for you to achieve the best possible outcome on your case. Whether it involves going to trial or negotiating the most favorable plea bargain, we have the expertise to achieve the results you desire.

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If you or someone you love has been charged with a crime in the Phoenix area, or even suspect you may be charged with a crime, contact The Van Norman Law Firm today to schedule a free consultation. Our team of highly experienced Phoenix criminal defense attorneys will pour over all the facts of your case and offer a complete case analysis. With our attorneys by your side, you can rest assured that you are receiving the best legal defense available. Time is of the essence when you have been charged with a crime in Phoenix, as crucial evidence must be gathered, motions filed, and witnesses interviewed. We also offer pre-charging representation for those who suspect they may be charged with a crime in state or federal court. A skilled Phoenix criminal defense attorney at this early stage of investigations can prove crucial to avoiding charges being pressed. Call The Van Norman Law Firm today at (480) 405-3357 to start our practiced criminal defense attorneys fighting for you.