Choosing A Phoenix Car Accident Lawyer

Automobile accidents happen each and every day across the country and throughout the state of Arizona. That said, finding a car accident lawyer in a challenging and difficult time can sometimes be overwhelming for those who been injured through no fault of their own. However, there is one personal injury lawyer in Phoenix that has provided consistent and reliable legal representation for injury victims for many decades. The Van Norman Law Firm is a dependable and trusted source for a wide range of Phoenix personal injury related claims.

Catastrophic And Debilitating Injuries

From motorcycle accidents to pedestrian accidents and boating accidents as well as slip and fall accidents and accidents that result in wrongful death, the Van Norman Law Firm has provided clients with focused legal representation year after year. This is especially important for those who have experienced catastrophic and debilitating injuries. Many times these injuries result in accident victims being unable to work and as a result they lose the ability to earn wages. From lost wages to medical expenses and ongoing medical care, achieving a favorable recovery for a client is essential.

Recovering Losses

There are many factors that must be taken into account when addressing a personal injury claim. For example, the statute of limitations is important as well as ensuring that all evidence is retained. Working with an experienced and focused personal injury lawyer in Arizona can make all the difference in this regard. As a Phoenix car accident attorney that has addressed a wide array of car accident related cases over the years, the Van Norman Law Firm can assist injury victims in recovering losses because of accidents. The firm also focuses on a variety of criminal defense cases.

Focused And Professional

From assault to white-collar crime and drug offenses as well as criminal damage and workplace harassment, the Van Norman Law Firm is a Phoenix personal injury lawyer that has helped clients for many years. Pursuing a personal injury claim can be overwhelming and confusing to those who have been injured in some type of unexpected accident. Working with a focused and professional personal injury law firm in Arizona can help to ensure that clients have a better opportunity to recover losses.

Contact Van Norman Law Firm today for a Phoenix car accident lawyer that has earned a trusted reputation one client at a time.