Electric Scooter Accident Attorney

Electric Scooters are all the craze right now! Grouped together on practically every street corner, electric scooters make transportation accessible at the touch of a button through a mobile app. With affordable rates and high levels of inventory, companies such as Bird, Lime, or Lyft are finding drivers reserving electric scooters to get from home to school, meeting to meeting or even for an afternoon of fun in the sun!

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Scooters Have Unique Laws in Arizona

Whether used for play or practical purposes, electric scooters do have unique rules in Arizona that must be upheld by all drivers.

All drivers must be at least 18 years of age and carry a valid form of identification. State ordinances convey that electric scooters are allowed on sidewalks, but drivers must still obey traffic laws and also yield to pedestrians. While you are not required to wear a helmet by the state, many companies do request that drivers do so. Bird offers free helmets to anyone who needs one (just pay shipping). Riders can request a free helmet in the Safety section of the app.

Electric scooters cannot ride on public streets with four or more lanes, or with speed limits over 25 miles per hour. If riding at night, make sure your scooter has proper front and rear lamps.

Additionally, and most commonly misunderstood, drivers are prohibited from riding electric scooters while under the influence of alcohol. This is currently one of the biggest concerns with electric scooters, as many drivers are turning to electric scooters for transportation between bars or to head home at the end of the night. This can cause major citations and even a DUI.

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