Scottsdale Criminal Defense Lawyers

Scottsdale Criminal Defense Lawyers


The Van Norman Law Firm understands just what is at stake when you or a loved one has been charged with a crime in Scottsdale. Their team of expert criminal defense attorneys will fight for you to achieve the best possible outcome from your case. The Van Norman Law Firm has extensive experience defending individuals against a range of charges, such as: DUI’s; drug offenses; assaults; white collar crimes; theft crimes; misdemeanors; firearm offenses; domestic violence; and homicides.

The Scottsdale criminal defense attorneys at the Van Norman Law Firm will evaluate all aspects of your case and determine your best defense. Whether it be bringing your case to trial with a professional attorney team by your side or skillfully negotiating with the prosecutor to obtain the most favorable plea bargain possible, you can rest assured the criminal defense attorneys at the Van Norman Law Firm are fighting for you.


Van Norman Law Firm Successfully Defends Against All Crimes in the Scottsdale Area

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Why You Need An Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer

William Macumber of Maricopa County spent 37 years in prison for a crime that he in all likelihood did not commit. Macumber was convicted in 1962 for the murder of a young couple that took place in a desert in north Scottsdale. The shooting death of the young couple remained an unsolved mystery for 12 years, despite the fact that a man named Ernest Valenzuela confessed to the killings after being arrested for a traffic violation. In 1974, Macumber’s estranged wife, who worked for the local sheriff’s office, told detectives that her husband had confessed to committing the murders. Macumber was arrested and though he denied any involvement in the crimes, detectives allegedly found forensic evidence linking him to the crimes—a palm print left at the scene that supposedly matched Macumber’s and some markings on the bullets used in commission of the crime that matched Macumber’s weapon.

Macumber was found guilty of murder, but the verdict was set-aside on appeal. He went to trial again. This time, one of the detectives to whom Valenzuela had confessed attempted to testify on Macumber’s behalf. The court ruled the testimony inadmissible hearsay. Not surprisingly, Macumber was again convicted. Macumber remained in jail for 37 years, quietly maintaining his innocence, until the Arizona Justice Project was able, through many hearings and much gathering of evidence, to negotiate his release.

The tale of William Macumber is an important one to all individuals charged with a crime in Scottsdale and the surrounding area—if you are facing charges in Arizona, your very liberty and future are at stake. It is critically important that you retain an experienced, knowledgeable Scottsdale defense attorney to defend you against any charges. Had Macumber retained the services of expert Scottsdale defense lawyers, the result of his case may have been very different. Experienced defense attorneys would have challenged the alleged forensic evidence linking Macumber to the crime and the validity of his estranged wife’s hearsay statements. A skilled defense team would have fought to bring in testimony concerning Valenzuela’s confession. Macumber is a freeman now, but he can never get back the 37 years he spent in prison, and had it not been for the services of the Arizona Justice Project, he may never have walked free again.


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