Victim of Dangerous Meds? Seek the Compensation to which you are Entitled

Van Norman Law, located in Scottsdale, protects the people of Arizona from the injustices perpetrated by the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical liability cases are ubiquitous in the legal industry. Pharmaceutical companies spend billions of dollar a year lobbying for the permission to sell dangerous harmful drugs to their customers. Van Norman Law is committed to turning this greed into justice.

In fact, many of these companies already have billions of dollars incorporated into their budget in anticipation for product liability claims. At Van Norman Law we believe that you are entitled to that money; we also enjoy securing that money for you.

Some of the meds typically associated with pharmaceutical liability cases are as follows: Yaz/Yasmin, Zelnorm, Raptiva, Haldol, Zoloft, NuvaRing, Viagra, Avandia, Vioxx, FenPhen, Accutane, Paxil, Prevacid Zyprexa, Fosmax, Prilosec, Nexcium, , or Protonix. If you or a loved one has experienced harm as a result of these products, we implore you to reach out to us so that justice can be served. Our attorneys have years of experience dealing with product liability cases, and we are eager fight for victims of dangerous drugs.

When Van Norman Law Firm was started in 1994, pharmaceutical companies were curbed to a dull roar with regards to pushing forth dangerous drugs. However, a recent shift has occurred. Pharmaceutical companies are getting away with more, sinking billions of dollars into the dispersal of dangerous drugs to the American people. Oftentimes we find that many victims of bad pharmaceutical drugs are much worse off than when they began taking the drugs. Sometimes we even find that victims should never have taken the drug in the first place.

Van Norman Law essentially stands for the justice of the people. Justice in this case is taking money from the hands of greedy pharmaceutical companies, and putting that money in your pocket—we are glad to do it.