cyclist at an intersectionWays Of Avoiding Road Hazards While On A Bicycle

One of the easiest ways to avoid serious injury while riding a bicycle is to always be alert and aware of road hazards. In addition to road hazards, there are a number of weather conditions and weather hazards that can also create a dangerous riding condition for those on a bicycle. One of the easiest ways to stay safe on a bike is to always make it a point to identify possible hazards and be aware of the surroundings at all times.

Struck By A Motor Vehicle

For example, rough road surfaces or uneven surfaces are one of the most common reasons that bicycle accidents occur. Aside from being struck by a motor vehicle, uneven road surfaces are one of the main leading causes of bicycle accidents were bicyclists come into contact with the road surface. The easiest way to avoid this type of hazard is to always look ahead and know what is coming up along the route of travel.

May Cause A Bicyclist To Lose Balance

In addition to uneven road surfaces, objects in the roadway can cause a bicyclist to lose control or may even cause a flat tire. There are many cases where an object in the road may cause a bicyclist to lose balance resulting in an accident. Anytime there is a question with regard to an unknown object in the roadway it is best to circumnavigate the object or simply stop and dismount the bicycle. Walking a bicycle for a short distance is a far better option than becoming another bicycle injury statistic.

Simply Slow Down Or Get Off The Bike And Walk

Finally, slippery, wet or icy surfaces can easily cause a bicyclist to lose traction and then ultimately lose control of the bike. Be aware of road conditions as a way to reduce the possibility of losing control of a bicycle. One of the best approaches to handling slick surfaces; wet roadways or icy roadways is to simply slow down or get off the bike and walk it across the area of concern. With a little bit of forethought a bicyclist can stay proactive and enjoy years of bicycle riding without being involved in an accident that causes injury. Contact the Van Norman Law Firm for Phoenix personal injury attorney services if you have been injured.